Forgive Me for Being Lukewarm

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:19).

Lord, I am selfish and easily distracted from following Your will. I find myself attracted to every new, shiny interest, and leaving You behind. Lord, forgive me. I felt you calling me to start this prayer site over a year ago. I started to set it up, and then I lost interest and fell away. Lord, forgive me for my short attention span, and for my desires to spend time on social media over spending time with You in prayer.

You gave me a strong feeling last year that Canada needed prayer. I failed in taking up that call. Upon how many others did You place the burden to pray for our nation? How many took it up? How many, like me, failed You?

Now, more than halfway through 2020, I wonder how much we could have saved ourselves had all of us turned to prayer. If each of us who felt nudged to pray for Canada, actually did what we were called to do: if we got down on our knees in prayer; if we wrote our prayers to help encourage others; if we beseeched You for Your blessing on our nation; perhaps together, we would stem the tide of secular humanism that is infecting our politics, our culture, our children.

Lord, I repent of my own negligence. Forgive me for my lacklustre worship, my reluctant obedience, my selfish desire for the created over the Creator.

Lord, I am sorry for my petty smallness. Oh God, save me from my own deep faults. Make me right, make me desire righteousness, make me hunger and thirst for You. I am so sorry I fail You through my fault, my own grievous fault. Fill me with Your Spirit, Lord.

And forgive our nation. We have become fat and complacent, and we need to repent, to seek Your forgiveness, to follow Your laws, and to seek Your blessing over us. Bring us to true repentance, Lord.

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