Praise the Lord

The Lord is great and worthy of our praise” (Psalm 145:3).

Lord, you created all things. Your creativity is enormous, Your strength immeasurable. Everyone that I love, everything I see, every breath I take, it is all from You, Lord.

The compassion and desire that a husband and wife have for each other; the protection and security that a father offers his family; the careful nurturing that a mother provides for her child: all of these were placed in our hearts by You, as pale examples of the compassion and desire, the protection and security, the careful nurturing that you have for us.

You created this land, You filled its skies with birds, You filled its oceans with marvellous diversity. You made the land beautiful and fruitful, You provided for us with animals, with wheat, with oil. Such wealth we have here, Lord, because of your loving-kindness! All of this is your handiwork!

You smile on us, you take care of us. You are greater than the world, greater than the cosmos, and yet You care for us, even when we run from You , when we despise You, when we forsake Your laws and Your kindness, and turn to selfishness, and self-worship! Your chesed, your loving-kindness, your great mercy, Your compassion is infinite.

Our sins cannot ever be so great that they become larger than Your mercy! Oh God, Your mercy outruns even our sin! Your love is greater, Your love is stronger!

You are infinite in all of Your attributes, Lord, as strong as You are compassionate; as merciful as You are just; as wise as you are patient. Oh Lord, I praise You!

May all the people praise You, Lord; may all the nations praise You. May all of Canada stand and praise Your Most Holy Name! Oh God, praise to You, Jehovah Jireh, our provider; El Roi, the God who sees us. Look down, Lord, and see Your people praise You!

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