God Keep Our Land

Lord, You have given us this beautiful, wealthy, abundant land. We are rich in food and oil, our people are so incredibly comfortable and healthy and free, compared to other people groups throughout history.. We live such long, affluent lives, in a time of great blessing.

In Your Word, you show us that when the Israelites of ancient times got too comfortable and complacent in good times, they would fall into sin and idolatry, even sacrificing their children to Moloch. This happened over and over again, and it has happened to us, too, Lord. We too have gotten too comfortable, too self-satisfied, too complacent. We too have fallen into idolatry, worshipping celebrity and wealth. We too sacrifice our children to the false gods of our secular humanism, on the altar of convenience, financial comfort, and self-autonomy.

Lord, forgive us! Lord, forgive us! Lord, forgive us! Please, hear Your people cry out to You from their hearts. In the time of Noah, You saved humanity from the flood for the sake of one righteous man. In the time of Abraham, You would have saved Sodom and Gomorrah for the sake of just ten men. And at the centre of history, even though You knew that there was none righteous, not even one, in Your great mercy You sent Your Son, Jesus, to take the punishment we deserved for our sin.

Lord, Your mercy is unending, it is new every morning. Look down on Canada and save us. Drop the scales from our eyes and let us see clearly, in the light of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Let us see clearly who we are and what we are doing, and heal us from our great brokenness. Lord, hear your people beseeching You for our land.

We ask this in Your Most Holy Name, Elohim Chassedi, God of My Mercy; in the name of Jesus Christ, who lived and died for our redemption. Redeem our people, Lord.

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