Glorious and Free

Lord, You see everything that is happening in Canada, and You are Lord over all of it. I can’t see the big picture, but I am afraid of the massive culture shift that is happening right now in our country. I am afraid of the division between people. And I am afraid of what Canada will look like in the future.

Our culture is changing. We are 6 months past March, when the talk was that we needed to stay home to flatten the curve. It was “the hammer and the dance:” bring the hammer down heavy on our activities to flatten the curve, and then begin the careful dance; back and forth, back and forth, as we maintain the curve just under the line of hospital overwhelm.

But the hammer came down, and the dance became not about flattening the curve, but about keeping virus-free. And the masks became mandatory, and people forgot to care about accessibility for those who can’t wear them. Medical exemptions are treated as excuses. Masks are worn as signals of moral virtue, and I am scared.

Will this ever end? Lord, end it! Please, God, keep our land glorious and free. I am frightened by the erosion of our democratic freedoms. The small businesses are suffering, the disabled are suffering, but they are dismissed. Concern over illness is considered virtuous, but any concern over people affected by these other issues is considered selfish.

Schools are starting next week. Kids in bubble pods, kids learning to fear one another. Lord, what is happening? Is this really about the virus, or is it a type of social conditioning? Lord, give us wisdom and discernment to walk through this time!

And what if the reopening of schools brings a second wave, and what if it is worse? The illness itself has not been as overwhelming in Canada as it was in China or Italy, but what if it is worse when it comes back?

Lord, keep our country safe from illness, keep our people united in purpose. Drop the scales that are preventing one side from having compassion for the other. Unite us in love, in compassion, in true tolerance, which is living in peaceful disagreement.

Lord, keep us a glorious country full of diverse people where differing opinions and political affiliations are accepted and welcomed and accommodated. And keep us a free country where we can freely assemble, freely dress, and freely express our thoughts and opinions without arousing censorship or knee jerk anger.

God keep our land glorious and free.

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