Surrender Our Problems

Lord, today, we come to You to ask Your blessing on those who are struggling with overwhelm, with making ends meet, with not having enough strength to carry them through.

Bless those who are sick or chronically ill, and give them relief.

Bless those struggling with anxiety, and give them your peace.

Bless the single parents, who have the entire burden of the household on just one set of shoulders. Give them strength.

Bless the households with both parents working, and those who are struggling to work remotely with their kids in the house. Give them joy.

Bless those who are struggling through poverty. Give them relief.

Bless those who are taking care of aging parents, or kids with special needs. Give them energy.

Bless the busy mothers and fathers of many; bless the busy mothers and fathers of toddlers; and bless the mothers and fathers of only children who are struggling to keep friendships and social times going for their kids in these days of isolation. Give them peace.

Bless the homeschooling mums and dads, and bless the covid-schooling parents. Bless the families who are getting ready for the new school year in these crazy times. Give them encouragement.

Bless those who are lonely. Give them friendship, and give them comfort in a tangible feeling of Your presence. Help us remember to reach out today to someone who may be lonely.

Bless those struggling in their marriage. Give them kindness and love.

Bless those struggling with depression, with mental illness, and with dementia. Give them hope.

Lord, we bring to You all our problems, we ask You for Your help. We know we can’t possibly see our way through them, but we know that You will work all things together for good for those who love You.

We surrender our problems to You, and we ask You to take care of all of these pressing needs. We trust in Your steadfast love, and we surrender any and all anxiety over our problems to You Lord. We walk ahead, into in the day, free from these burdens, because we know that You will provide for all our needs, in the name of Your Son Jesus.


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