Thank You for the Workers

Thank You, Lord, for the people who serve in these difficult times. Thank You for the first responders, the emergency workers, the firefighters, paramedics, and police officers who work to keep us safe from harm.

Thank You for the doctors, nurses, and care attendants who risk their health to bravely serve the sick, even in times of a pandemic.

Thank You for the workers who continue to serve during the covid scare at grocery stores, nursing homes and essential businesses. Thank you for those in the trucking industry, for those who clean and sanitize their workplaces, for those working in factories.

Strengthen them and keep them healthy, Lord. Thank You for continuing to provide for us through them.

Thank you also for the civil liberties workers, for those who work to protect our society from the growing threat of government overreach. Provide them with discernment and clarity of thought in these new times, and make their voices heard.

Thank you for those who stand on guard in prayer, Lord. Thank You for calling many of us to come before You to cry out for our country. Strengthen us, too. Increase our numbers. Increase our fervency. Increase our prayers. Hear us and make us a strong and stalwart army of prayerful warriors, Lord.

In Jesus’ name.

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