God keep our land glorious and free

Heal Our Country

Lord, I am afraid when I see the discord in our country. People of varying opinions don’t talk with one another. They create echo chambers that reflect back their own belief systems. They believe that anyone who disagrees is an enemy. Lord, I fear for our democracy, when the people cannot tolerate disagreement! Disagreement isContinue reading “Heal Our Country”

Love Stands

This beautiful song by Canadian artist, Danielle Hope, is about loving one another through these crazy, divisive times. We, who know and have faith in the source of all love, can be the light that is so sorely needed in this world. We know that we love because He first loved us. He is theContinue reading “Love Stands”

Psalm 2

What a beautiful promise this is, especially during our current trouble! The nations do indeed conspire, the people plot in vain. But this sad reality is no reason for the Christian to fear.

Thank You for the Workers

Thank you also for the civil liberties workers, for those who work to protect our society from the growing threat of government overreach. Provide them with discernment and clarity of thought in these new times, and make their voices heard.

Surrender Our Problems

Lord, today, we come to You to ask Your blessing on those who are struggling with overwhelm, with making ends meet, with not having enough strength to carry them through. Bless those who are sick or chronically ill, and give them relief. Bless those struggling with anxiety, and give them your peace. Bless the singleContinue reading “Surrender Our Problems”


Lord, we come before you on behalf of our country to repent of our country’s sin of abortion. As a child, when I read about the ancient Israelites, I did not understand how they could be so ungrateful, so blind to all You had done for them. One day, You brought them out of slavery,Continue reading “Abortion”

Praise the Great I AM

Lord, You called yourself Yahweh, I AM. You are, You were, and You always will be. I, in stark contrast, am not.

I was not, until You created me. I am, as a blade of grass, for a short time, only because You sustain my very breath. And I will be only because of Your merciful Will, the sacrifice of Your Son, and the sustaining grace of Your Spirit…

World Prayer 2020 hrs

Ginny Hamlin asks us all to set an alarm on our phones for 2020 (8:20pm local time) and pray together for our world. I am so excited about this idea! What a powerful force for good we can be, coming together from all nations, to pray for our country and for our world. First nightContinue reading “World Prayer 2020 hrs”

Glorious and Free

Lord, You see everything that is happening in Canada, and You are Lord over all of it. I can’t see the big picture, but I am afraid of the massive culture shift that is happening right now in our country. I am afraid of the division between people. And I am afraid of what CanadaContinue reading “Glorious and Free”


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